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Exclusive: True Believers’ Matthew Therrien cover revealed!


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Mar 19, 2024
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Some of the biggest names in horror will make cameo appearances in True Believers, a gripping and grisly new comic book mini-series co-written by bestselling Bram Stoker Award-winner Stephen Graham Jones and Denver Post bestselling writer Joshua Viola, featuring artwork by Ben Matsuya. The three-issue series, which delves into the world of cosplay and fan conventions, is set at the Colorado Festival of Horror. A Kickstarter campaign for the second issue features lettering by Jeremiah Lambert and variant covers by a slew of exciting artists soon to be revealed.

In True Believers #2, a year has passed since the harrowing events of issue 1, which introduced readers to the bone-chilling slasher character, Killr
. Now a mysterious new figure emerges, adopting the enigmatic Killr
persona—but is it just another obsessive fan or a new threat on the horizon? Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of suspense and humor with a fresh ensemble of characters. With new mysteries, hilarious gags, and an extra dose of blood, issue 2 promises a thrilling ride for both seasoned fans and newcomers alike.

We’ve got the exclusive reveal of the B cover by Matthew Therrien! Check it out and back the Kickstarter now!

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