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Bust and Brew with NEW Ghostbusters Official Coffee


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Mar 19, 2024
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When you need that perfect cup of coffee to kick start your morning, we got one! Pop Culture Coffee will power up your day with its new officially licensed, limited-run Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire coffee line inspired by the Sony Pictures. Customers can purchase the official Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire coffee directly from PopCultureCoffee.com and shipping in April to specialty retailers and conventions nationwide.

These specially curated coffee profiles will be released throughout April to celebrate the release of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, which include:

  • ECTO-ESPRESSO, a caramel-chocolate blend featuring the franchise favorite, Slimer.
  • PUFTMELLO, a vanilla-marshmallow manifestation depicting the Mini Stay-Pufts.
  • DEATH CHILL, a chocolatey-minty libation best served iced cold.
  • STAY S’MORED, a blend that evokes everyone’s favorite campfire confection.

Additional flavors will be released throughout the year including PARANORMAL PECAN, a medley of candy, pecan, and waffles, and PHANTASMAL FUDGE, a gooey brownie flavor blast.

One of the highlights of the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire branded coffees is its unique and collectible packaging. Each of the limited-run coffee blends is adorned with supernatural artwork featuring iconic ghosts from the film. But it’s not just about the packaging – Pop Culture Coffee is committed to delivering an exceptional coffee experience. Pop Culture Coffee’s Partners, Ethan Terra, Lukas Kendall, and Kyle Newman, are driven by a singular purpose — to fuel people’s passions. All of Pop Culture Coffee’s Limited Runs are produced from 100% organic, fair-trade Arabica beans, with natural flavors.

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