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Clay Footed Giants, a graphic novel on masculinity, trauma, and parenthood


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Mar 19, 2024
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A tragicomic meditation on masculinity, violence, and parenthood. Two fathers dig down to the roots of inherited trauma before it’s too late. Growth is possible, but so is oblivion…

Mad Cave Studios has announced Clay Footed Giants, the critically-acclaimed graphic novel co-written by David Plath prize winner Mark McGuire and Alain Chevarier, with art by Alain Chevarier. It is being released for English language audiences for the first time!

Pat and Mathieu are proto-feminist dads who try not to repeat their father’s mistakes, but trauma inherited from previous generations makes family life volatile. Their partners earn more money and travel constantly for work, leaving these forty-somethings to assume a role traditionally reserved for women: taking care of the kids and the home. Despite their best intentions, they quickly collide against their own limits.

Pat is particularly affected. His parents separated when he was young and his father is a notorious alcoholic. Pat has been crippled by rage since childhood. He must find the origins of this darkness before he transmits it to his own kids.

The “Shoot the Book” FIBD Angoulême and Bédéis Causa award finalist, Clay Footed Giants is set for release October 8, and is now available for preorder at your favorite book store, local comic shop, and www.madcavestudios.com.

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