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dd Markk’s Ruthless Render comes to print from Dark Horse


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Mar 19, 2024
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Fans of manga-style webtoons in the genre of One-Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100, Blood Blockade Battlefront and other action-packed horror heavy stories will feel their hearts race as Ruthless Render Volume 1 arrives in print for the first time this summer from Dark Horse Books. The intense webtoon from creator dd markk showcases themes of family, self-discovery, and a dynamic art style that has taken the internet by storm.

Dripping with the chaos of teenage romance, self-discovery and the power our words have over life and death, readers will meet an entire world battling against immortal, evil forces.

In a world where some can utter horrific things into existence with just their voice, Castiel was a high schooler scraping by as a loan shark yearning to fulfill his mother’s dream of a simple life. When Castiel is brutally murdered, the world turns upside down. Resurrected by a mysterious force, only to be captured by a powerful group called the Revokers he must struggle to understand his new existence while doing the bidding of those who spared his life, by helping to slay the devil! Balancing teenage crushes, battles with the devil, and encounters with immortal Fear Renders who have been spoken into existence, Castiel must navigate a perilous path to save himself, his friends, and the world.

Be careful what you say, lest you speak nightmares into existence. After all, words have unimaginable power.

With 192 pages (5.75″ x 8.25″, paperback) to sink into, Ruthless Render Volume 1 will bring the nightmares when it arrives in bookstores on September 17, 2024 and comic shops on September 18, 2024. Pre-order now from your local comic shop, tfaw.com, bookstore, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble for $12.99.

Ruthless Render Volume 1

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