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Homework App for Students: How to Manage School Homework Easily?


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Mar 19, 2024
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A tool to efficiently manage all administrative and pedagogical activities is Gegok12 cloud school management software. Homework App for Students: How to Manage School Homework Easily? On a single platform, it enables schools to digitally administer and monitor regular school activities.

With the use of this cloud software, schools may streamline the registration process while also allowing teachers to keep track of their student’s academic progress and automate and optimize their workload.

The homework feature in the student management system aids in producing an online assignment or homework for the students. Teachers can create assignments for designated classes, keep track of students’ academic development, and immediately communicate results or criticism with parents and students. Homework for Students: How to Manage School Homework Easily? Through the use of SMS, students can access their online homework assignments as well as any added teaching resources.

The Cloud school ERP software’s homework management feature makes it possible to provide students with their homework and other tasks online via iOS and Android mobile apps.

When assigning homework or assignments to students, teachers can include due dates. They can also collect finished work, check it, and give students immediate feedback on a single platform. Parents can check the web app to see the homework or assignment and can guarantee that it is finished on time.

What is a student homework app?

Students can manage their assignments and homework resources from a single platform using the homework app in the cloud school software.

For students, keeping track of their homework and assignments can be challenging, especially if they receive study materials from various lecturers across various internet platforms. One platform where teachers can provide their student’s homework assignments across all subjects is the homework app in cloud school software.

Using a homework app allows your students to arrange their homework more efficiently, resulting in better learning and knowledge of each subject and topic.

Features of Student Information Management System​

1 . Active learning techniques in giving out assignments and homework to students all at once.

  1. Teachers can include digital resources or content while assigning assignments.
  2. While giving students an assignment, provide due dates.
  3. Teachers can gather finished work, examine it, and give students feedback.


  1. Provides the ability to post homework/assignments to students of all divisions and standards as determined by the teacher.
  2. Teachers can assign homework/assignments to their students and supply essential materials for reference.
  3. Through the use of their desk, students can access the online homework that has been assigned to them and consult the teacher’s posted reference materials.
  4. Parents can view the homework that has been assigned to their child and complete it promptly.

The following are some of the most beneficial aspects that homework applications offer you:

Assigning and managing homework

Allows teachers to offer homework to their students in different subjects. The assigned homework will subsequently be noted in the student’s application.

Regular and weekend assignments

Schools frequently assign a larger project for students to finish during the course of a weekend or school holidays. Teachers and students can differentiate between regular homework and homework for breaks using the assignment schedule software.

To make sure that the students turn in their assignments on time, it is frequently linked to the timetable app.

Report on Homework

When students submit their homework to the teacher, the teacher can assess it and send the evaluation report to each student’s application through push notification. Using either the parent login or the student login, you can access the notification.

Student Information Management System will be able to assess how well they comprehended each topic and focus on their areas of weakness in this way.


Students must organize their homework if they want to learn effectively using the resources available. Gegok12 cloud School Software offers a built-in homework app for students that has all the features and benefits listed above. Additionally, it allows students to remotely manage their assignments and coursework using the school management software on their smartphones.

If you haven’t already, this is the ideal opportunity to implement a cloud-based software solution for managing schools. To increase productivity at your school’s workplace and discover how each feature and module works, you can start a free trial of the ERP software for schools.

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