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Honey, everything’s coming up Rosette!


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Mar 19, 2024
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You’ll be swell! You’ll be great!
Gonna have the whole world
[of languages] on a plate!
Starting here, starting now,
Honey, everything’s coming up rose

With apologies to Stephen Sondheim, the holiday season (or the punch?) is making us feel giddy, so we asked our staff: Where do you see Rosette® showing up?

Rosette is usually connecting the dots for government intelligence, extracting people, places, and organizations from unstructured text to map out networks in a knowledge graph.

Rosette Crochet
Paper rosette

Crafty and creative Rebecca connected the loops in this crocheted creation, and cut snowflakes are for common folks. Mimi’s geometrically inclined son figured out how to cut Rosette out of paper, which he then hand-colored Rosette red. Wow!

Pepper rosette
Beach Rosette

Sometimes Rosette just appears naturally, like the languages Rosette processes and these red pepper rings ready for a healthy lunchtime sandwich.

Rosette also showed up on vacation at Lake Balboa in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas – which ironically was not hot. Braving the 30-degree weather, Nikki found Rosette on the sandy lakeside beach under a gorgeous blue sky, which we wish we could ship to you with Rosette. Now that’s a way to increase Rosette users!

Rosette is also accomplished, knowing plenty about how different cultures form nicknames or might utilize multiple surnames. Rosette appeared in Amsterdam at the Van Gogh Museum in this Gustav Klimt exhibit, tucked between the S and T.


You may have to look hard to see Rosette. We aren’t afraid of fuzziness, whether it’s fuzzy matching names or semantic search to find matches based on meaning, within a language or searching in other languages with English queries.


Tina found Rosette while making pork and smashed shrimp potstickers (semantically similar to 餃子 and pronounced jiaozi in Chinese or gyoza in Japanese). These delicious morsels have been central to the dumpling-making party our staff enjoyed pre-COVID at the BasisTech office around Lunar New Year (falling on Jan. 22 in 2023). The dumplings symbolize wealth and prosperity for the New Year, as they resemble the shape of Chinese gold ingots.

For many users though, Rosette is all about precision because who loves false positive matches on watchlists? No one!


With similar precision, Mimi squeezed out an artistic Rosette pancake.

Some might say customizable name matching is like optional sides, but transparency and tunable match scores are key reasons that folks choose Rosette Name Indexer. For Rosette users, customization is a must-have, just like bacon and strawberries.

Best wishes from the Rosette team for a very joyous, merry, and delicious holiday season.

Where does Rosette show up for you? If Rosette visits you this holiday season, tag us with your Rosette photos on social media @BasisTech #ComingUpRosette.

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