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How to Socialize Safely as Your Office Reopens During the COVID Era


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Mar 19, 2024
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How to Socialize Safely as the Office Reopens

After spending months being as far away from others as possible, it can feel really odd to talk about how to reconnect with others, especially around returning to work. Some companies are gradually bringing back a few employees at a time. Other businesses want to lay out a large-scale strategy and procedures before anyone returns. But what about workplace socializing? Here are ideas and tips for keeping morale up as employees return to the office, and we learn how to socialize safely as the office reopens:

Set the Tone with the Front Desk

The front desk experience has always been an important part of welcoming people into your office. But now, the check-in experience has to pull double duty, operating as both a safety station and a welcoming bit of relief from the outside world. By using a digital visitor management system for health screenings alongside temperature checks, you help employees and visitors alike feel comfortable coming back to the office.

Make the Most of Office Space

Ensure each employee has at least 6 feet of space between them and another employee. If that’s not possible given the size of your office, try alternating remote work days with your team. Have a handful come in on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the others come in Tuesday and Thursday. Software like BreezN can help your team set and track the capacities of specific rooms within your office. This helps ensure that everyone has the space they need to stay safe.

Give Virtual Games a Try

Team events haven’t disappeared; they’ve just gone digital! Rather than trying to force a way to make fun happen in-person with close-proximity team builders, try out similar digital events within the office. From Zoom happy hours to online pub trivia competitions, offices are finding new ways to bring the team together for a break from work.

Emphasize Pre-Registering Visitors to the Office

Due to COVID, your office will likely take a closer look at who is coming in and out each day. While Zoom meetings help stave off in-person meetings, visitors are inevitable. Look for opportunities to pre-register your visitors for the day. This will give your front desk team a better feel for who will be in the office and who they’re going to see. BreezN allows your visitors to pre-register and pre-screen before coming through your doors, and employees stay informed of who’s visiting and when.

Building connections within your team is a crucial part of an enjoyable and productive office space. Reopening the office doesn’t require keeping everyone in total isolation. At Veristream, we help businesses reopen safely and feel secure — from the time employees and visitors check in to the time they check out. Give Veristream a call at 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo to see how your company can socialize while the office reopens.

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