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J. Michael Tatum is coming to Otakon 2024


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Mar 19, 2024
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 J. Michael Tatum

Voice actor J. Michael Tatum will be a guest at Otakon 2024. He appears in a number of popular anime titles.

Cast as Rikichi in 2005’s “Samurai 7,” Tatum’s inexplicable luck has held long enough to see his flag hoisted on a slew of dream roles, most notably Kyoya Otori in “Ouran High School Host Club”; suave, demonic Sebastian Michaelis in “Black Butler”; Tomoe from “Kamisama Kiss”; and Okarin Rintarou from “Steins;Gate.”

More recently, Tatum can be heard in the epic “My Hero Academia” as Teyna Iida; Louis in “Fire Emblem: Engage”; Moran in “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor”; and Cid in “Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.”

Other characters he’s played include: Eneru in “One Piece,” Ryosuke Takahashi in “Initial D,” Kraft Lawrence in “Spice and Wolf,” Zarbon in “Dragon Ball Z Kai,” Scar in “Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood,” Acnologia in “Fairy Tale,” and Erwin Smith in “Attack on Titan.” His videogame credits include Sir Hammerlock from the “Borderlands” franchise, Julius Kresnik from “Tales of Xillia 2,” Mr. Foster from “Killing Floor 2,” Kelvin and Pendles from “Battleborn,” a slew of characters from “SMITE,” August Wallenstein from “Tales of Luminaria,” and many, many more.

Otakon 2024 will be held from August 2 to August 4 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

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