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Massive Publishing launches Massive Select, a new limited product imprint


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Mar 19, 2024
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Massive Select

Massive Publishing is celebrating its 2nd anniversary by opening the vault in the April 2024 Previews Catalog for products on sale in June 2024. Massive is offering its most limited stock to retailers and local comic book shop’s customers.

Massive Select is a new division within the company that will offer rare specialty products, all-new top-tier collectibles, and never-before-seen collaborations with the industry’s top talent, Massive’s partners, and even other publishers.

The initial offerings of Massive Select includes David Mack’s limited-edition cover for The Exiled (featuring an incredible likeness image of series co-creator Wesley Snipes), A foil and metal edition of Toni Infante’s iconic Liquid Kill #1 cover artwork, A black & white variant of Sean Murphy’s North Valley Grimoire #1 variant cover, and other high-quality collectibles from Massive’s other top-selling series Alpha Betas, Quested, Astrobots and more.

Massive Select will also provide opportunities to other publishers to partner on all-new projects exclusively as high-end, limited releases, prestige formats such as foil and metal variants. The main motivation behind Massive Select, is to bring more revenue to its creative collaborators and produce unique collectibles for the fans which may not otherwise see distribution without this new release model.

Massive Select first Previews Catalog solicitations are live on Previewsworld.com and can be ordered at your local comic book shop as of now.

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