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Preview: Batman: Dark Age #1 (of 6)


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Mar 19, 2024
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Batman: Dark Age #1 (of 6)

(W) Mark Russell (A) Mike Allred (C) Laura Allred (L) Dave Sharpe
In Shops: Mar 26, 2024
SRP: $5.99

Meet Bruce Wayne, Gotham’s favorite delinquent son. In an origin story like no other, witness the boy become a dark knight shaped by a city in turmoil as it marches towards its prophesied doom. Set against the backdrop of actual historical events, Gotham comes alive, filled with the iconic characters who’ve loved and hated Batman over the years like you’ve never seen them before. Spinning out of the Eisner-nominated Superman: Space Age, Mark Russell and Mike Allred return to give audiences a look at Batman as a figure in American history fighting for justice in a world gone mad.

Batman: Dark Age #1 (of 6)

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