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Preview: Lilo & Stitch #2


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Mar 19, 2024
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Lilo & Stitch #2

writer: Greg Pak
artist: Giulia Giacomino
covers: Nicoletta Baldari (A), Trish Forstner (B), Edwin Galmon (C), Craig Rousseau/Color Bleed (D)
FC | 32 pages | Adventure | $3.99 | All Ages

Having evaded the agents of the evil Cluster Sovereign, Stitch has landed in New York City, where he finds the perfect place to hide: a toy convention! But can he evade the Sovereign’s drones long enough for Lilo to find him? Or will Manhattan become the latest battleground for Experiment 626?

The long-awaited ongoing comics adventures of Lilo & Stitch continue here — expertly authored by fan-favorite writer GREG PAK (Darth Vader, Mech Cadets) and artist extraordinaire GIULIA GIACOMINO, and featuring covers by NICOLETTA BALDARI, TRISH FORSTNER, CRAIG ROUSSEAU, and more!

Lilo & Stitch #2

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