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Sakura-Con 2024: Ize Press Licenses Semantic Error – An English Print Release of the Iconic Korean Boys Love Comic


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Mar 19, 2024
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At Sakura-Con 2024 in Seattle, WA, Ize Press announced the upcoming English print release of the Korean webcomic Semantic Error. The series stands out as one of the most celebrated works of Boys Love in the world of manhwa, one that follows the enemies-to-lovers story about two college students—the strict and logical Sangwoo and the star of the university Jaeyoung. Since the announcement of Ize Press, Semantic Error has been frequently requested by many fans and followers of the esteemed Korean comic imprint, eager to finally collect an English print edition of this iconic series that was serialized on the webcomic platform Manta.

Semantic Error

Adapted by Angy
Original Story by J. Soori

Computer science major Sangwoo Choo values reason, routine, and rules above all, so when the rest of his teammates fail to contribute to the group presentation, he doesn’t hesitate to cut everyone’s names from the project entirely—including design major Jaeyoung Jang, which ruins his plans to graduate and study abroad. Jaeyoung is more than happy to return the favor and strives to be the biggest thorn in Sangwoo’s side—but as they spend more time together, a strange attraction begins to develop between them… Will Sangwoo be able to debug this semantic error from his life?

With Angy’s incredible use of color and J. Soori’s masterful character development, Semantic Error is a must-read for Boys Love fans looking for an opposites-attract story with great pacing and delicious chemistry. It is a fun yet mature story that focuses on the complicated emotions that come with falling for someone unexpectedly. The tension between its characters is wonderfully complemented by the depth of their self-reflection. They learn more about themselves through their interactions and growing feelings, which leads to the intimacy and vulnerability that have delighted readers worldwide.

The popularity of the webcomic led to two media adaptations—a four-episode series of animated shorts released in 2021 and a live-action Korean drama released in 2022. The live-action drama and the actors who portrayed its iconic characters went on to win several awards in Korea from reputable organizations, such as the Grand Bell Awards, Blue Dragon Series Awards, and APAN Star Awards. Boys Love has risen to become one of the most popular genres in the world of media, and Semantic Error has become one of the most beloved works among its many diehard fans.

The on-sale date of the English print edition of Semantic Error will be announced at a later date on the Ize Press social media pages.

Semantic Error

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