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Titan Comics has announced Anfield Road, out September 2024!


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Mar 19, 2024
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From Chris Shepherd, Anfield Road is a coming of age story centered around growing up in the working-class dynamics of Merseyside in the late eighties.

For fans of emotional stories about family and ambition and set in the rich history of Liverpool.

As Conor Sterling is about to turn 18, he wrestles with the tough choice to go to art college or look after his sick, dominating grandmother? While life seems to move faster, he falls for a West-Indian girl who his grandmother disapproves of. Conor is torn between doing the right thing for him or submitting to the will of his crazy grandmother.

What follows is a funny and poignant coming of age story set in Liverpool in 1989. The land of The La’s, the Hillsborough disaster and Findus Crispy Pancakes.

Anfield Road is on sale September 10, 2024 at bookstores, comic shops and digital. Pre-order now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million and Forbidden Planet for UK.

Anfield Road

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