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Top 5 destinations Teaching Abroad in 2023 – Don’t miss them out


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Mar 19, 2024
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Thanks to continued globalization and the advent of the digital economy, this decade promises to be an interesting one. One emerging trend is that professors and educators may find more niche opportunities in other countries – whether they are looking for cheaper living costs or just want a change in scenery. Due in large part to technological advancements, along with a widening of access, people all over the world have

Over the past few years, teaching abroad has been gaining traction. However, it’s important to take various factors into consideration before you make a decision. Below we’ve ranked 10 of the best countries for teaching in 2023 with data points on salary expectations and quality of life so that you can find your dream location.

Teaching English abroad is an amazing opportunity to explore the world and have a life-changing experience. However, it’s really tough finding somewhere that would be the perfect fit! It’s hard to know what country to go to when there are so many unique ones out there.

The following countries were categorized by what makes them stand out as great options for teaching abroad. Different people are drawn to different places, and it is hard to choose where to go next. We hope that this post will provide insight into what sets these destinations apart. After all, they’re all awesome in their own way!

If you want to go backpacking abroad, take note that the following countries are currently open. However, before traveling anywhere there are certain vaccinations and masks you need to take care of beforehand. You’ll need to wear your mask on public transportation in Spain. Check COVID restrictions before you travel.

How did we come up with these locations?

We at Go Overseas aim to be the site to go for all travelers out there, who want a quick way to find their perfect destination. To find a good place to start researching for this article, we looked at the different factors that determine how safe and livable a place is. These factors include the location’s history, cost of living/average salaries for people living there, what there is to do in the area, and how many scholarship/potential college programs are offered in the location.

Last but not least, we used our industry knowledge to make sure we only included the best locations on our list. These locations have been vetted by the community and checked over so that experts will feel confident in them!

  • The average monthly salary for each role varies an enormous amount – from about $1,200 to about $3,500.
  • Living costs in China range from 2,700-7,100 RMB ($380 to $1,000) per month.
  • To work as an English teacher abroad, you need to meet the following requirements: Bachelor’s degree; native speaker (born in an English-speaking country); TEFL certification, and ideally be under the age of 60 for men and 55 for women.
  • It’s not uncommon for employers to offer employees: housing, flights, and health insurance.

China is the country with the most people, and they have a need for good English teachers. That’s why they’re huge consumers of English education. If you’re teaching English in China, it’s likely a lot less than what you could earn at home but nonetheless can be an excellent way to save money while still earning. The cost of living in most cities is quite low compared to other countries.

A lot of teaching jobs in China come with benefits and free accommodation. That means you can live comfortably and still have money left to travel a bit when the opportunity presents itself.

You’ll have the best time teaching in China because of all the amazing Chinese culture and places to see- who wouldn’t want to live here?

  • These are the average salary ranges that range from 1,500,000-6,200,000 KRW ($1,100 to $4,400)
  • The average cost of living: KRW 1.4-2 million
  • A native speaker from an English-speaking country who has a bachelor’s degree and is TEFL certified can work in public schools.
  • Common perks: housing, flights, healthcare coverage, and a contract completion bonus

It’s no surprise to see South Korea ranking high on this list. They’ve got an immense need for foreign teachers, and the ESL market remains strong in the country year after year. There is an abundance of jobs available at the moment, so it’s never been easier to find the perfect teaching abroad job.

Even as an English teacher in Korea myself, I can tell that it definitely deserves to be on this list. Along with typical benefits such as public and private school placements, it is one of the most attractive countries for English teachers. Korea has some of the more generous benefits in Asia. They include paid accommodation and return flights, as well as a severance bonus! You can save an even bigger share of your earnings if you’re teaching in Korea.

  • The average salary is between $1,400 and $4,000 per month.
  • The average cost of living is between 188,000-315,000 JPY ($1,300 to $2,200)
  • Bachelor’s degree and fluent in English – either as a first language or from extensive professional experience.
  • Perks include: housing, flights, health insurance, and a completion bonus

For a long time, Japan has been one of the top countries for foreign nationals to teach English. There are many great things about the country: for example its natural beauty and dramatic landscapes which are great for sightseeing. The cities are also very interesting! Japan also has quite a bit of culture that you’re sure to love. Whether you want to live in the hustle & bustle of Tokyo, or in a rural village like I did, it’s pretty hard not to enjoy your time there.

The working culture in Japan is different than in China and Korea, but that’s because those countries have such a large Korean population. Still, life here is pretty easy if you move from the country you’re currently living into a major city – it can feel like home. Japan is not exactly cheap, but it has some benefits, like money for housing and flight reimbursement. Plus, English teachers enjoy a competitive salary that allows them to save in Japan.

  • Salaries fall in a range of 28-52 million VND ($1,200-$2,200)
  • Living on about $900-$1,400 a month is equivalent to the average cost of living in Vietnam.
  • What we’re looking for is someone who’s a native English speaker, has a bachelor’s Degree and 120-hour TEFL Certificate – and must be under the age of 60.
  • Many jobs offer healthcare provisions

Vietnam is a great country for ESL teachers. Quality of life is great and you’ll often work less than 9-5, which makes it easier to enjoy your free time when you don’t have to commute, etc.

Though lower salaries may deter some from teaching abroad, it’s actually not difficult to live comfortably and save money while living in SE Asia. You can also still enjoy yourself while teaching English in Vietnam.

  • The average monthly salary ranges from 32,000 baht ($850) to 94,000 baht ($2,500).
  • The average monthly cost of living in Thailand is 37,500-75,000 THB ($1,000 to $2,000).
  • Teachers with a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification are preferred. The maximum age is 60 but no age limit
  • Common benefits: accommodation and living expenses, health coverage

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations to teach English. Millions of tourists travel there each year because it offers a rare cultural experience, diverse beauty, and amazing food. Thailand is benefiting from a relatively open border at the moment. Tourism to the country has noticeably thrived over the last few years, providing locals with a much-needed boost.

Thailand is an attractive teaching destination as the cost of living is cheaper. You’ll also earn a smaller salary than in other countries, but the money will go a lot further.

Thailand is a great place to teach English because not only are people friendly and welcoming, but they are also more relaxed than in most other Asian countries. This means you have more time outside of work to explore your personal interests.

Moving halfway across the world to teach English abroad is an amazing experience. I recently did it and honestly, I don’t regret my decision. The downsides might outweigh the positives, but it’s something you should at least consider.

Enrich your teaching abroad journey in 2023. Happy Journey

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