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Ultimate Spider-Man #1 heads back for a fifth printing


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Mar 19, 2024
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This year kicked off with the launch of Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto’s Ultimate Spider-Man, a series that’s destined to go down in Marvel Comics history! With its bold reimagining of classic Spider-Man motifs, Ultimate Spider-Man has hooked passionate longtime Spidey fans as well as all-new comic readers. Only two issues deep, Ultimate Spider-Man continues to fly off shelves, and there’ll be yet another chance for webheads to jump on board when the debut issue returns to shops on May 1 with a highly demanded FIFTH PRINTING!

Set in an riveting new universe forged by the Maker as a world without super heroes, Ultimate Spider-Man introduced an older Peter Parker who never got bit by that fateful radioactive spider. Instead of web-slinging through the skies as Spider-Man, he married longtime sweetheart Mary Jane Watson, and when he’s not chasing stories for the Daily Bugle, he’s a devoted father to their two precocious kids. But who’s to say he can’t have both?

After realizing the dark truth behind their existence, Tony Stark embarked on a mission to set things right—starting with giving Peter an opportunity to become the hero he was born to be! Now he’s learning the great power and greater responsibility of being Spider-Man with a loving family supporting him every step of the way—including a very much alive Uncle Ben! This sensational saga is just getting started and in the months ahead, Ultimate Spider-Man will continue to surprise and delight with the mystery of Green Goblin, the first appearance of Ultimate Gwen Stacy, new takes on Spider-Man’s unparalleled rogues gallery, and much, much more!

Check out the new Fifth Printing variant of Checchetto’s now iconic Ultimate Spider-Man #1 cover along with a sneak peek at tomorrow’s Ultimate Spider-Man #3 and grab them both at digitally or at your local comic shop!

  • ULTSM2024001_FifthPrinting.jpg
  • ULTSM2024003_PreviewPageA.jpg
  • ULTSM2024003_PreviewPageB.jpg
  • ULTSM2024003_PreviewPageC.jpg

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