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What a Front Desk Experience Says About Your Brand


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Mar 19, 2024
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Front Desk Experience

Branding encompasses a much wider range of materials than sales and marketing collateral. One of the most frequently missed opportunities for branding is the front desk experience. From the moment visitors get into an office, the front desk experience sets the tone for their time with a company.

Consider the Focal Point

Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. What do they see as soon as they open the doors to your office? If it’s your front desk, consider what the design and layout of the space tells your guests. Plants and greenery, for example, give a calming effect. Consider putting a plant or two near the front desk to put visitors at ease.

A growing trend in office spaces is the feature wall, showcasing either a company pattern, unique shelving, or a large-format brand logo. Whether it’s behind the front desk or adjacent to it, a feature wall captures the attention of a visitor and gives them an immediate sense of what type of company they entered.

Manned or Unmanned Front Desk?

This might seem like a superfluous question. “Of course staff should be at the front desk!” However, in a variety of industries, staffing can be scarce, and front desk personnel could be juggling any number of responsibilities throughout the day. Alleviating the pressure on front desk staff to constantly man the desk can be great for your team and your branding. By using a digital visitor management system, the more tedious parts of visitor check in can be automated with a kiosk. This frees up your front desk staff to engage in more meaningful conversations with guests rather than walking them through paperwork.

Put Your Logo on Display

The best logo designs are part art, part science. Companies iterate to see what logo will stick and gain trust with their audiences. Your logo should be prominently displayed. This helps visitors know they’re in the right place, and it brings to mind any previous association with your brand.

Extend Brand Colors

The right colors, when used strategically, can create a positive, reassuring environment for your guests and employees. While neutral colors might feel “safe,” they can come across as sterile or cold. Leverage your brand colors in places like accent furniture or a statement table. Companies can also tailor their visitor management software to reflect brand colors, adding in subtle details that tie the whole visitor experience together.

From start to finish, a visitor’s experience with your company impacts how they view the entire brand. With Veristream, you can create a seamless journey for visitors — whether they visit one location or multiple. We’ve created branded visitor solutions for Fortune 100 Companies, hospitals, and even NFL teams. Call 1-888-718-0807 or schedule a demo with us to see how your front desk experience can be improved.

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